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June 27, 2008

By Bob Anderson.

I would like to hear our election candidates comment on the recent attack on
Social Security and Medicare by the Kirtland Air Force Base commander, Col.
Robert Suminsby, Jr.

In an address to a Kirtland Partnership Committee meeting of nearly 300
civic leaders the war base commander said:  If left unchecked, the growth of
spending on Social Security and Medicare will eventually crush the defense
budget (KAFB Nucleus, April 11, 2008, this is not on the web site but in the
paper edition which I read while at the VA Hospital one day).

With the arrival of the F-22 Raptor in Alamogordo, and the CV-22 Osprey here
in Albuquerque already, there is also talk of placing the F-35 Lightening
here too and many more special expensive planes at Canon AFB in Clovis.

These fleets of new aircraft will cost trillions of dollars, at a minimum.
Col. Suminsby spoke of needing money to buy a new fleet of airborne tankers
to fuel the war birds.  The flying gas stations are expected to cost about a
trillion dollars alone.

Add all this together and we are talking a lot of money to be sitting out on
runways in a state like New Mexico with a lot of poor, elderly and
sick people.  It makes one wonder just who is terrorizing the American

This attack on our social safety net is not coming from Osama bin Laden or
Iraq or Iran.

Col. Suminsby and the war planners know someone is going to have to
sacrifice for the planned armada of new weapons so they are trying to test
the grassroots, to convince people to directly lobby Congress for these
weapons by going around the regular Congressional process (LA TIMES,
AirForce ads’ intent questioned, Julian E. Barnes and Peter Spiegel, March
28, 2008).

As far as I can tell the only people who will benefit from Col. Suminsby’s
plan is the manufactures of these weapons, mainly Lockheed Martin who
manufactures both the F-22 and the F-35, and  Bell-Boeing who builds the
Osprey, and Northrop Grumman who will build the new flying gas stations.

We need Pres. Eisenhower to come back and speak again.  He warned the nation
about this in his 1961 farewell address about the influence of the
military-industrial complex, a permanent global standing military force.

Ike said this development had the potential to destroy our country and way
of life.  It is sure sucking up our money now.  We spend more than all the
other nations of the world combined on bases, weapons and wars and we are
less safe than before.  Our roads are crumbling, our energy sources are out
of sync with nature, our jobs have been exported overseas, we have people
lining up for food and many have
no health care or are afraid to use their health care plans.

We need to do something about the war machine which is eating our country
from the inside.  What is so wrong about these new expensive war planes is
that they have no real mission in the modern political world which is
turning against U.S. wars and occupations.  The whole world wants different
leadership from our country, this is clear, not more cold and hot wars.

But the F-22, the F-35 and the CV-22, and the tankers are not all the
AirForce is seeking funds for.  The Space Command is working hard to build a
horrendously expensive project to control what they call the “commanding
heights of outer space”.  This will cost us many trillions more.  Billions
are being spent on a family of directed energy, laser and ray gun weapons to
terrorized people with from the air and space.

Like in the old colonial days when sea lanes were the main means of commerce
and the power who had the most ships and longer range weapons they ruled the
seas.  Today space is the place to control for commerce and domination so
satellites and space weapons are coming online fast.

You have probably noticed the new Above All series of Air Force TV
commercials depicting a possible attack on our space assets, we own half of
all space satellites.  The Air Force is trying to play on fear of losing our
communications and spy stations in space.  The message is they need money to
build expensive space defenses, which are in essence the first strike
capability of the old Star Wars plan of Ronald Reagan.  We are going
backwards, not forward.

What the Air Force is not telling the public with the Above All campaign is
that it is our country that refuses global calls to negotiate with other
space faring nations a new treaty to prevent the weaponization of space and
the use of space for war on earth.  We need new rules of the road everyone
else is saying, let’s not create an expensive arms race in space like in the
old days of commercial trade.

But our military and many key political leaders have declared that space is
ours to control and that we will deny other nations their sovereign right to
use space too.  This is dangerous and provocative.  Like an ostrich with its
head in the sand Col. Suminsby and the Air Force are preparing the solution
of pre-emptive attacks on something that could be resolved peacefully.

And once space is littered with satellite parts from countries taking out
each other’s satellites, we will most likely lose all satellite
communications and also be earth bound for generations as no one will be
able to traverse the debris field.

I would like to see the candidates for public office at all levels respond
to Col. Suminsby.  Are they also willing to toss our elderly and sick on the
streets so the war machine can have new weapons, weapons that we don’t need?

Are we going to spend trillions on space weapons when the world is crying
for a treaty on the new uses of space?  Let’s hear you.

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