Re-elect Sharon Thomas

September 30, 2009

Mr. James W. Harbison, check a candidate for District 6 City Councilor, buy cialis has a totally simplistic and unrealistic view of local government. One of his main concerns is the “terrifying government control over private enterprise and an apparent disregard for the rule of law.” This is his quote that he listed on the extremist group “Patriotic Resistance” website.  He believes that “Public safety is the essence of government.”  He stressed that the Las Cruces budget should emphasize public safety over all other matters.  Then he claims he has the business experience as a retired training manager to work on revamping the whole city budget.

A responsible City Councilor needs to be concerned about other issues besides public safety.  There are public finance, transportation, infrastructure, housing and community development, technology and communications, youth activities, families, education and economic opportunities.  This is why  we have an outstanding City Councilor Dr. Sharon Thomas in District 6 .  She addresses all these issues and listens to her constituents to solve real problems.  She represents all the neighbors in District 6 and gives a fair hearing to all groups.

The special interests are criticizing Dr. Thomas for her opposition to their requests for extraordinary treatment which in many cases is not for the good of Las Cruces and its residents.  That is why they are bankrolling political shenanigans against her and supporting their selected “yes man” – Mr. Harbison.  As former President Teddy Roosevelt stated: …  “the great special business interests too often control and corrupt the men and methods of government for their own profit. We must drive the special interests out of politics..”

That is why voters should support Dr. Sharon Thomas.  She focuses on the whole community and does not act as an agent for the special interest groups.

Greg Lennes,

Las Cruces

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