Solution to Korean Conflict

November 30, 2010

Korea was occupied by the Japanese from 1910 until the end of the Second World War when the two superpowers took control of the peninsula. The Soviet Union and the United States divided the country at the 38th parallel. This military decision became the basis for the North and South division in 1948. The cold war rivals established governments sympathetic to their own ideologies. In 1950 North Korea invaded the south in an attempt to reunite the country. The war was fought to a standstill in 1953 when an armistice was signed. The U S military has occupied the country since. In a 2002 Gallup Korea poll only one third of South Korea viewed the U S favorably.

I have a possible solution. If South and North Korea could unite to attack the occupation forces maybe they could drive the U S military off the peninsula. A civil war would follow without foreign intervention and a new leader would emerge to represent a unified Korea.

Joe Speer
Las Cruces, hospital NM

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