A leap in consciousness

October 31, 2011


Occupy groups all across the country (and internationally) are using this emerging consensus process, with its remarkable egalitariansim and inclusiveness,  to communicate and make decisions.

Ironic, isn’t it, that Bloomberg and the NYC cops abetted this process by forbidding bullhorns at Zuccotti Park. So now what we see developing, even as we use our powerful digital tools and networks, is a return to pretechnology and a mass revival of oral/aural ritual and storytelling, which provides the perfect reconnection with traditional modes of communicating as we strive to reclaim our communities, our democracy and our human bonds with one another.

The 1% are making another tactical blunder (let alone an obscenely unethical and unconstitutional strategic one) in forcibly dispersing Occupy groups from public places in Oakland, Atlanta, LA, etc. The mass media only reluctantly cover the Occupy movement when it is being peaceful, but their built-in bias toward violence and sensationalism makes police assaults and bloodshed the top stories, so even the least politically aware among us are confronted with these events, and many of them will start to wonder why authorities would fire a tear gas canister at the head of a peacefully protesting Iraq vet (Scott Olsen). This alone has swelled the ranks of Occupy Santa Fe participants, and likely other groups.

What is happening is remarkable: We are witnessing, and are becoming part of, a global leap in consciousness, from frustrated dropouts, from bought-off, dumbed-down, distracted and addicted victims, to active and aware participants in our own destiny.

Television xenophobe and racist Pat Buchanan probably intended a threat when he declared that Occupy Wall Street will “end very badly.” I agree that it might, or that the process may become very painful, because the 1% will not go quietly when they fully realize how serious and determined the Occupy movement is. It’s not a coincidence that from localism, the signs and banners are increasingly directed outward to Occupy Everything. The young people who seemed so apolitical were far more aware than we elders gave them credit for, and now they have found a theme and a process that resonate. We must continue supporting them and joining them until we persuade the rest of the 99% so that this movement can remain non-violent.  Otherwise, the police and the National Guard and  the military will obey their masters from the 1% and the leaderless consensus will descend into the devolutionary spiral of endless bloodletting.

We need numbers. We need awakenings. We need epiphanies by the multi-millions.  Nonviolence on our part is absolutely essential. We must bend any violence against us into a force that strengthens us.

Power to the people!




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