New Mexico Nuclear Disasters Day 2012

July 11, 2012

Dear Nuclear Abolitionists,

Please come to any of the events near Tularosa, Church Rock, San Antonio, or Los Alamos this weekend (as applicable). Those four towns have events and Trinity House in Albuquerque has Mass on Saturday night if you can’t make it to Tularosa that evening. The one i’m most familiar with is @ LANL on Monday…

Trinity Nuclear Abolition (TNA) will hold a peace vigil in front of the main sign at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) on Monday July 16th at the corner of Diamond and West Jemez. The focus of this demonstration is to call for clean up of radioactive contamination in the area, and for an end to nuclearism at LANL. The demonstration will be held from 11:00am to 1:00pm… TNA is supporting the hunger strike initiated by former Los Alamos resident Alaric Balibrera, beginning on “New Mexico Nuclear Disasters Day” (July 16th; the Church Rock uranium spill of 1979 and the Trinity pollution of 1945) and ending on “Hiroshima Day” (August 6th). The demands of this 22-day hunger strike are listed at

Our full news release is here:

Lovarchy, Marcus for TNA


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