Powerball Panderers

December 15, 2012


On CBS radio news Nov 28 2012 1pm MST they were talking about Powerball & they had a psychologist last name “Northman” (could not internet verify) stating he feels it is psychologically healthy for society to have such legal gambling & I would like to say I disagree with that . This could be John E Northman PhD who co-authored Helping – Human Services for the 80s (1981) this book saying on page 29 that gambling is victimless crime.

I would say gambling hurts & atomizes more peoples’ psyches & sociability quotients than it helps. Furthermore, watching pro srorts is bad too–the paid players are predatory parasites-providing no socially redeeming value service or trade to the rest of the real-jobs public.

The elite social engineers behind gambling interests & sports mafia have a faulty assumption that human nature progress & evolution is represented by moving from an apelike selfish-interests individualism to cooperative helping-behaviour humanity. So these worthless predators of the compulsion variety prey on our apelike selfish-interest individualism (those who do not curb that impulse). But that apelike individualism represents a retrogression from the way God created us to be which is a humanity that is naturally of helping & cooperative behaviour. We have algorithimically fallen to lower & lower levels of civilization from the more ancient civilizations, that did not have gambling & high-paid pro-sports, highly interdependence-conscious civilizations such as the Atlantean epoch or Lemurian epoch which hosted immaterial human spirit beings or whatever the human beings were back then.

Even the average Jew or Roman Ahriman-influenced flatulent flesh being contemporaries of Jesus’s times on Earth was a selfish uncouth boor as compared to the cooperative human nature behaviour of an Atlantean or Lemurian.

Jeff North


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