JourneySantaFe: The Methane Plume in the Four Corners

September 26, 2015

JourneySantaFe sponsors Sunday morning gathering of progressive thinkers who explore, through presentations, issues that influence our daily lives and the lives of future generations. All conversations are FREE and OPEN to the public and take place at Collected Works Bookstore (202 Galisteo St. in Santa Fe, NM)September 27, Sunday, 11 am

On The Methane Plume in the Four Corners and the Related Rules To Try to Control This Natural Gas
With Camilla Feibelman, Rio Grande Sierra Club Chapter director
Introduction by David Coss, former Mayor of Santa Fe, NM and new chair of the local Sierra Club Chapter

The Sierra Club’s Rio Grande Chapter is comprised of five local groups covering New Mexico and West Texas. The region stretches from alpine tundra to Chihuahuan desert and everything in between.

Our Four Corners region has the nation’s largest methane plume in the country hovering over it.  Methane is being leaked, vented and flared throughout the country creating both serious health and environmental problems.  Although methane is a component of natural gas it is 80 times more potent as a global warming gas than even carbon dioxide.  The Obama Administration has introduced the first-ever proposed methane pollution standards for new and modified oil and gas facilities, which will help to safeguard public health and put the United States closer to being on track to meet the Administration’s goal of reducing oil and gas methane pollution by 40 to 45 percent by 2025.  In this talk you’ll learn the basics of methane, how to control it and what you can do to help.

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