Attention Santa Feans: School Bond Vote Tuesday

January 31, 2016

Dear Santa Feans,

On Tuesday, February 2, 2016, Santa Fe County will hold an election about a $55 million bond for purchasing new technology in Santa Fe Schools.

We might first consider European educators’ reports that school tech has raised “too many false hopes,” and that the lack of computers may be a blessing, since intense computer use in class is linked “to significantly poorer student performance.” Forbes Magazine also now warns of Wi-Fi’s health risks.

Further, besides collecting billions of dollars for hardware and software when they sell new tech to school districts, corporations like Apple and Pearson use the iPads and software to collect “data-mined profiles” of every child for lifelong marketing tools.

Imagine if schools had millions of dollars to increase teachers’ salaries and educational development; hire art, music, dance and theater artist/teachers; hire contractors, farmers and chefs to help students build greenhouses and chicken coops and grow and cook their cafeteria’s food.

Please vote NO on the School Tech Bond.

To learn where you vote on Tuesday, call the County Clerk, 986.6280.

Thanks for voting.

Katie Singer




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