SWEC: Call legislators to protect wildlife

February 12, 2017


Wild animals can’t call their legislators, but you can

Forget Washington. We have an opportunity to make real progress here in New Mexico to protect native wildlife…THIS WEEK!

On Thursday (2/16) at 8 am in Santa Fe, the NM Senate Conservation Committee will hold a hearing on four great wildlife bills that will significantly advance wildlife conservation. If you are a New Mexico resident, please take a moment to call the members of this committee and urge them to support these bills. If one of them is YOUR senator, it is ESPECIALLY important that you call. But everyone should call regardless. Click here to find committee members and contact info.

(Las Cruces residents: Sens. Joseph Cervantes (chair) and Bill Soules are both on the committee. They need to hear from you!)

If you can ATTEND the hearing, that is even better! Please try to do so. Your presence could make the difference in whether these bills pass or not.

SB 268 (Steinborn and Moores)–This bill would ban coyote killing contests. It passed the Senate two years ago (and died in the House), but the opponents are coming out in force this time to stop it. Please help make New Mexico the first state to legislatively end these barbaric events.  Click here to learn more about SB 268.

SB 286 (Campos and Kernan) – This bill would ban trapping, snaring and poisoning on public lands, with exceptions for scientific research and management. Trapping today is not done by frontier types to keep their families warm. It is done by individuals looking to profit off the public’s wildlife by selling furs on the international market.  Trapping and poisoning are inhumane and pose a danger to the public and pets. These practices have no place on the public’s shared land. Click here to learn more about SB 286.

SB 266 (Steinborn) – This important bill would give the Game Commission the authority to protect all wildlife in New Mexico. (It currently only has authority over about 60% of the state’s vertebrate species, and only 20% of mammals!) New Mexico is one of the most biologically diverse states in the country, and all its native species deserve legal protection. Click here to learn more about SB 266.

SB 267 (Steinborn) – This bill would grant protection to coyotes and skunks, two species that currently are completely unprotected. SB 267 would grant the Game Commission authority to set bag limits, utilize best science, and otherwise regulate the killing of these two species. Click here to learn more about SB 267.

Thank you for caring AND acting!

Questions? Contact Peter Sloan at peter@wildmesquite.org.


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