SB 364 is a BAD idea

March 3, 2017

I am surprised and disappointed that our own Senator Cervantes, who plans to run for Governor, would vote for this terrible give-away in the Senate Conservation Committee. Senate bill 364 is an especially bad idea now New Mexico’s extreme rightwing state land commissioner Aubrey Dunn — who is literally a law unto himself — would like nothing better than to sell off our public lands to developers and extraction industries.

According to the Green Chamber of Commerce: In summary, this bill would require that if a section of land or an area in a community is going to be designated as a National Monument by the President, the Governor and then the State Land Commissioner would decide if a National Monument could be created.

Please call  (505-986-4861) and email Senator Cervantes and tell him to vote against this bill when it comes up in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Thank you.

Charlotte Lipson
Las Cruces


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