Please—Vote on Tuesday, May 2

April 20, 2017

Dear Friends:
I am writing to encourage you to VOTE on May 2 in a mostly-overlooked election that is
VERY IMPORTANT: it is the election for the Doña Ana Soil & Water Conservation District.

Please– Vote on Tuesday, May 2 for either Craig Fenske or Kevin Bixby for
the DASWCD board (if you are in their districts) —
see information about the election on the attached flyer.

Also, please forward this email to your friends,
so they too can make a difference in this important election.

Even if you are not one of us “horsey” folks I am sure you are concerned about
protecting our beautiful and fragile natural envirnoments!

Let’s get Kevin Bixby and Craig Fenske on the conservation board–they
understand the issues and truly value our place on the planet and our
roles as conservators of this place!

Also: if you can vote early in the day I have found this helps to avoid long lines!

Grace Ann Rosile


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