Congressman Steve Pearce and his “Depths of Poverty”

July 22, 2017

I see Pearce’s campaign manager for governor, Greg Blair, who is also the president at Orange Circle Strategies, LLC in California and a Washington insider, is defending the early poverty of our humble Hobbs Congressman Steve Pearce. Blair stated: “The Pearce family started out with nothing and worked hard to lift themselves out of the depths of poverty.” Pardon me while I am laughing at Pearce’s poverty. I am surprised Blair didn’t say Pearce was born in log cabin. Pearce is just like Charles Dickens’ Uriah Heep, a character in David Copperfield, who constantly claims and over-exaggerates that he is so humble. Heep says to Copperfield: “I am well aware that I am the umblest person going, … My mother is likewise a very umble person. We live in a umble abode.”

Interestingly Mr. Pearce’s great-great-grandfather Marcus “Mark” Alonzo Pearce was a part of a Georgia group of land speculators who caught “Alabama Fever” and seized the lands of the local Native American populations when they were removed to Indian Territory in the 1830s. “Mark” Pearce and his brother, with their sons and slaves, would build an empire known as Pearce’s Mill in Alabama and had plantations with slaves. He and his brothers fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. In 1865 Mr. Pearce’s ancestors moved to Mississippi and then Texas. His family’s past might explain his hostility to the federal government and his support of state rights.

Pearce was born in 1947. So he had no idea about his father and sharecropping. When He was 2 years old, his father was already working in the oilfields in 1949 and had the money to purchase a farm in 1954 when Pearce was 7. His father, Melvin Pearce had a good job with the Humble Oil & Refining Company/Exxon as a Technician where he worked from 1951 until his retirement in 1984, plus he owned a farm. This is a crock from the Pearce campaign: “Steve Pearce also started working day labor jobs near Hobbs when he was nine years old.” I am sure Steve Pearce did chores around the farm.

It seems Mr. Pearce is inspired by his so-called poverty and by the values of the Old South and the Confederacy. However, he has been fueled by corporate money, scorns compromise and leaves New Mexico “house divided.” Now this “humble” millionaire wants to be Governor?



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