Vote for city councilors committed to sustainable growth

October 6, 2017

If you have lived in Las Cruces for 12 years or more you can recall a time when Las Cruces was controlled by the real estate industry and bankers resulting in the sprawl we see today.  There was, most egregiously, a developer who with the complicity of a corrupt state land commissioner and an obliging City Council, got a sweetheart deal for a large tract of land that included the extension of the city’s boundaries.  He planned a giant residential development which would have doubled or even tripled the Las Cruces population, disregarding environmental and, especially, water issues.  He planned to build the development from out (rather than in) forcing the city to spend millions on access roads.  The development was largely forestalled by the 2008 economic crisis but some of its problems remain.

This is why I strongly urge you to VOTE in the Nov. 7 election for City Councilors who are committed to sensible growth and longterm planning:  Yvonne Flores, District 6; Gabe Vasquez, District 3; and incumbent Gill Sorg, District 5.
Remember — while presidential elections are exciting, local elections affect you where you live.  Your vote counts:  some local elections have been won/lost by as few as two votes.
Charlotte Lipson
Las Cruces


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