Proposed cuts to NM Medicaid

October 11, 2017

Las Cruces Friends,


Please forgive me for this late notice, my schedule just opened up to allow me to travel to Las Cruces. I will be there this evening and tomorrow to speak against the proposed cuts to Medicaid in the NM Human Services Department’s (HSD) draft application to renew New Mexico’s Medicaid waiver (aka Centennial Care 2.0). Despite overwhelming opposition – from patients, healthcare providers, and advocates – HSD is still moving forward with several harmful and alarming changes to Medicaid. The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday at 1:30-3pm – Farm and Ranch Museum (4100 Dripping Springs Rd, Las Cruces, NM).


Would you be able to join me at the HSD hearing?

You don’t need to be an expert, just tell the committee what Medicaid means to you and your family. Or, speak out as a person of faith, you can say something like:

  • As people of faith, we envision a society where each person is afforded health, wholeness and human dignity. OR
  • All individuals, regardless of their age, income, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, geography, employment status, or health status, deserve equal access to quality, affordable, inclusive and accountable health care. Reducing health care options for some based on any of these factors is profoundly unjust. OR
  • The social safety net and its key components, including health care, must be maintained to reflect our shared commitment to protecting vulnerable populations. OR
  • Concern for the most vulnerable in our community, particularly low-income women, men and children and people with disabilities, is at the heart of our sacred texts and an affirmation of our common humanity. OR
  • Caring for our elders and treating them with dignity demonstrates the value we place on our enduring responsibility to enable all persons to live out the fullness of their days.

I’d be happy to meet with you before hand to talk more about what these changes mean. My mobile # is 505-306-3345.


The proposal includes harmful and alarming changes to Medicaid including:

  • Charging excessive patient fees, in the form of co-pays and premiums, to children in CHIP, the working disabled and low-income adults living just above the poverty line. These fees will cause thousands of people to lose coverage and/or be unable to get needed healthcare;
  • Eliminating retroactive coverage protection that pays for the past medical bills that a person had in the three months before applying for Medicaid;
  • Ending a “transitional Medicaid” program that will result in coverage loss for our lowest income families, penalizing them for entering a new job or accepting a raise that places them just above the eligibility threshold for Medicaid; and
  • Reducing benefits for very low-income adults with dependent children and giving the HSD secretary broad authority to cut more benefits in the future.


If you can’t attend, HSD is accepting written comments at Written comments are due no later than 8pm on Monday, October 30th.


Warm regards,



Joan Lamunyon Sanford

Executive Director

NM Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

PO Box 66433

Albuquerque, NM 87193



Pro-faith, Pro-family, Pro-choice



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