Natural Building Workshop at Black Range Lodge

July 25, 2016

Builders Without Borders is offering a natural building workshop in Kingston, New Mexico August 14 through 19, 2016.  Contractor Frank Meyer of Austin, TX, and natural builders Doni Kiffmeyer and Kaki Hunter (authors of Earthbag Building) will teach participants how to build with straw-bales, cob, and earthbags, and plaster with clay and lime.


Derek Roff and Catherine Wanek of Builders Without Borders, will also give presentations on Straw Bale Building Design Essentials, Composting Toilets, and Rainwater Harvesting.  The workshop location is in Kingston, NM, at the Black Range Lodge.  The Lodge is a bed and breakfast and center for sustainable living (


World-wide, the popularity of natural building is spurred by a grassroots desire for housing that is healthy, affordable and environmentally responsible. Natural buildings bring satisfaction to their makers, health to their occupants, and leave the gentlest footprint on the planet. These minimally-processed building materials are non-toxic, are typically “dirt-cheap”, and they are friendly to owner-builders.  Adding rain-water harvesting, greywater systems and solar panels can also save costs, while reducing our ecological footprint.  These are homes that feel good, and you can feel good about them.


The workshop is offered by Builders Without Borders, an educational non-profit organization supporting sustainable shelter in areas of need.  Currently BWB is designing seismically-stable, eco-friendly buildings for rebuilding after the Nepal earthquake last year.  BWB also helps support the Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate Building  organization, which has developed an affordable, comfortable and earthquake-resistant straw-bale home design, while training local builders.  Paksbab recently completed its 27th building in rural Pakistan.  See for more information about this work.


Persons interested in attending the workshop can email or call 575-895-5652.

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