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October 19, 2016





Spicy Satire for Traumatic Times






Aug. 1, 2025—Senate Republicans have once again turned back an attempt by President Elizabeth Warren to name a justice to the Supreme Court, declining to start confirmation hearings on veteran nominee Merrick Garland before senators left town for their annual summer recess.


Senate Majority Leader John McCain, R-Arizona, 89, said there is no rush to fill any of the five vacancies that have left the court with only four justices. He said he is fine with the current makeup of the court that usually results in a 2-2 voting deadlock, and he has no concerns about important cases piling up.


“The next election is only three years away,” McCain said. “What’s the rush? We should let the people decide.”


Minority Leader Chuck Schumer call the move obstructionist and vowed to lobby every Republican senator during the month-long August recess. But Schumer stopped short of saying Democrats would change Senate rules if they should win a majority in the 2026 congressional elections. “We have to be very careful not to act rashly in a way that could come back to haunt us in the future,” Schumer warned.


Rumors that the senior member of the Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 92, might retire before the end of the year unnerved Beltway Democrats last week because it would give conservatives on the Court a 2-1 majority (Chief Justice Roberts and Clarence Thomas vs. Sonia Sotomayor). But Ginsburg told reporters in Santa Fe, N.M., where was vacationing, that she has no intention of stepping down. “If I’m breathing, I’m serving,” she insisted.

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