Adjuncts urged to join ‘Walkout Wednesday’

February 24, 2015

Wednesday in solidarity with National Walkout Day New Mexico adjuncts will be standing at the corner of Coal and University from 11 to 1 protesting the issues listed below. This is related to Right to Work, a hot topic in the Legislature. CNM is the face of right to work. I have a PhD, taught there for over 8 years, watched my classes get reduced right down to zero. No job security. No recourse over “no classes for you next semester.” Low pay. Before that I had many years teaching experience as well as many professional publications. None of this really matters in higher ed these days. So we will be standing for adjuncts across the country, for students who also suffer under these conditions, as well as all low wage workers fighting for a living wage. See our facebook page for more information. 


Benay Blend


advocates for New Mexico Adjunct Faculty Justice


There is no single template for part-time faculty contracts, but here are some key features of PT contracts at Central New Mexico Community College.

  • Contracts are for one semester, and there is no guarantee of employment beyond that.
  • The compensation system does not acknowledge years of experience with or apart from CNM or other academic accomplishments. Every part-time (PT) faculty member with the same degree receives the same level of compensation, regardless if you have been with CNM for 20 years or one semester.
  • PT is a status unrelated to workload. Based on PT faculty survey results, 15% or more PT faculty teach five or more courses per semester—the same number as full-timers (FT). In most cases, PT faculty are paid less per course than FT faculty.
  • PT faculty compensation is based on hours in the classroom teaching and one office hour per week per course. It does cover faculty time for lesson planning and preparation, course management, grading and other forms of student evaluations.
  • PT faculty, regardless of their years of service to CNM, have no preference in hiring for FT positions.
  • PT faculty are encouraged to take part in committee work, but in the vast majority of cases are expected to do so without compensation. By contrast, FT faculty are required to do committee or “college service” work and are compensated for at least some of it.

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