Retake Our Democracy in Cruces tomorrow

May 24, 2019

The 2019 Roundhouse Legislative Session: What Was Done, What Wasn’t and Why. Retake Our Democracy is going on the road to Truth or Consequences, Silver City and Las Cruces. At each stop a Town Hall has been organized and will be hosted by local Retake volunteers. Retake’s Las Cruces even will be held on Saturday, May 25 from 1:30-3:30pm at the Southwest Environmental Center, 275 Downtown Mall. 

Throughout the 2019 Roundhouse Legislative Session, Retake our Democracy published a daily alert going to 1300 people throughout New Mexico and coordinated hundreds of volunteers , with volunteer advocates in most every committee hearing where one of Retake’s 29 MUST PASS or 29 Priority Bills were being heard. They took careful notes and recorded every vote and their findings are being incorporated into a 2019 Legislative Report Card, to be published June.  It will identify the legislators who used their positions to advance bills promoting social, environmental and economic justice and those who used their power to impede those bills.  It will also illustrate how quickly bills can advance when Democratic leadership is pushing and how other bills linger and die when leadership won’t press for their passage.

At the Town Hall on Saturday, co-founders Roxanne Barber and Paul Gibson will share what Retake learned from the session, how good bills died, how specific committees served as ‘graveyards’ for bills that leadership did not want advanced, and who are the Dirty Dozen Plus One legislators most responsible for the demise of many, many good bills, particularly energy bills.

 The Town Halls will also serve as “listening sessions” so that Roxanne and Paul can hear from you about how the Alert Network worked for you, how it can be improved, and also, to hear about local political, legislative, and social justice priorities.  These visits are just the beginning of an ongoing effort to visit communities distant from Santa Fe, to learn the local issues, meet the local advocates and to better hone Retake’s efforts to local political conditions.

Finally, together Retake leadership and those attending will discuss next steps both related to the next 2020 Legislative Session and the June 2020 primaries.

Paul Gibson
Director, Retake Our Democracy
Engage, Educate, Organize, Activate
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