Report on Energy Summit

September 16, 2016

Last month, I welcomed leading energy policymakers and industry leaders to Albuquerque for my second annual Energy Summit to discuss important advances in energy technology and ways we can work together to bring our state and our nation’s energy generation and transmission systems into the 21st century.

You can watch my keynote remarks from the Energy Summit here.

This year’s summit focused on how we can take advantage of advanced energy storage technologies. Energy storage is the missing link in integrating renewable energy sources into our grid, building self-sustaining microgrids, and optimizing the use of all of our energy sources. Smooth integration and deployment of storage will fundamentally reshape our energy systems for the better. If we can embrace and invest in new energy technologies like storage, meeting our climate goals will also mean creating thousands of good-paying jobs for American workers.

Thousands of New Mexicans already work in the renewable energy sector, and with our incredible potential for both solar and wind and innovative research and development at our national laboratories and universities, the state is poised to become a major producer and exporter of clean power. The recent news that Facebook will build a new data center in Los Lunas powered entirely by renewable energy is just the latest demonstration of how New Mexico’s great solar and wind potential, not to mention our moderate climate and access to fiber, makes us an ideal site for major businesses looking to use clean and cost-effective energy.

We all know that reducing energy consumption and modernizing our nation’s electric grid isn’t just about creating thousands of new jobs, or harnessing our clean energy potential in America. It is also about meeting our moral imperative to cut carbon pollution and mitigate the devastating and costly consequences of climate change, from longer droughts, larger forest fires, and increased floods. With the help of New Mexico’s scientists, engineers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, I’m confident we can and will address the challenges before us.



United States Senator

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