Fight City Council’s Outrageous Denial of Referendum Rights – 1pm Monday Council Chambers

September 14, 2014

The Las Cruces City Council just blocked our right to a referendum on a $10.10 minimum wage by passing a law it never intends to enact.

The city council majority has publicly discussed revising the $10.10 law it just passed within a matter of weeks so it can set its own lower minimum wage in violation of referendum petitioners’ rights.

The actions of the council majority are an outrage to our community!

We need your support Monday during the city council public comment period at 1pm tomorrow to tell city council that:

1. We will not tolerate the city passing fake laws for the purpose of denying citizens their legal rights.

2. We will not accept a city council that refuses to listen to the community’s voice.

3. We insist on honest enactment of the $10.10 minimum wage law, or on petitioners’ legally earned referendum vote on the ordinance if the council refuses.

4.  We want a city government that protects our democratic rights rather than trampling on them.

5.  We will not let their outrageous behavior stand.  We will continue to pursue all legal and political avenues to insure the council upholds its legal and moral obligations.

This is about more than just the minimum wage.  It is about insisting that our city government show the same respect for the law it asks of us.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Stephen Fischmann

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