Community forum in Albuquerque

April 16, 2014


Hallo Everyone, several people have expressed an interest in having another community forum to shape strategies. The DOJ report validated our concerns and disgust but we need to keep up the pressure. The report is not enough and many feel it did not go nearly far enough. The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday.

Consequently, there will be a community forum meeting

Thursday April 17th
from 6 pm
ABQ Mennonite Church, 1300 Girard NE
(just North of Constitution and South of Indian School)
Ample free parking on the church parking lot

If you are willing to volunteer in some capacity, please let me know how you can help and add a contact number so that someone can phone you to confirm.

I am borrowing Sayrah’s words for the vision statement of the forum:

“We need participants who want to be effective and work together but not preach at each other. If you know people who want to participate and get work done, please invite them. If you have criticisms about how things have been organized, please jump in and help organize.”


Lise Biel

Stop the War Machine

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