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July 18, 2014

Weed Pulling Party MVM Farm 2653 Snow Rd, Mesilla Saturday, August 2nd 8:00 – 10:00 am Our vegetables are doing great, the farm is lush and green and growing, growing, growing! BUT SO ARE OUR WEEDS! Please join us August 2nd. We are looking for some people to “pull” together!

Harvest Share by Better Future Foods Community Garden at Spruce and San Pedro, Las Cruces Sunday, August 3rd 4:00 pm All items that are freshly picked, home made, or preserved (canned, dried, frozen, etc) are welcome. The RSVP page can be found at this link:  Everyone should RSVP so that we don’t have 20 people showing up to swap zucchini. Also, this lets us know how many people we should “pack” items for.  I also want to encourage everyone to bring their own “packing” materials (like tupperware) in order to minimize the use of plastic bags. Feed ‘n Seed Mountain View Market Co-op in the Cafe Tuesday, August 26th 5:30 – 7:30 pm Learn how to save seeds and taste test heirloom fruits and vegetables.

During this informal workshop, we will discuss and demonstrate the basic process of saving your own seeds, including planting, selection, harvest, cleaning, and storage. We will process seeds from tomatoes, chiles, squash, lettuce, melons, and cucumbers.

If you can, bring some of your harvest to show off during Veggie Show-n-tell. We will use these in the tasting and seed processing demo.

Enjoy an optional potluck with fellow growers. Please bring some food to share if you would like to participate. Free event.

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