Sally-Alice Thompson, 90, walks from Albuquerque to Santa Fe to get money out of politics

October 13, 2014

Sally-Alice Thompson, Peace Activist and Walking Granny will celebrate her 91st birthday during a 13-day walk from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, which started Monday, Oct. 13.  Her message is GET THE MOP – Get the money out of politics.

October 13th is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, celebrating the rights, power and heritage of our native ancestors.

Sally-Alice’s walk is to return power from corporations to the people.  The Citizen’s United and McCutcheon rulings made it possible for corporations and wealthy individuals to contribute unlimited funds to candidates for public office, literally permission to buy office holders.  In other words, we citizens have abrogated our responsibility, by neglecting to heed the old warning: “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”

Sally-Alice, a World War II veteran, reminds us: “ Now is the time for us to reaffirm our rights and duties.  We have allowed corporations (pharmaceutical, health insurance, fossil fuels and banking industries) to take away, nibble by nibble, our sovereign rights to self governance.”  Large campaign contributions have succeeded in making legislators obligated to their financial patrons rather than their voters.  “This situation must be reversed”, emphasizes Sally-Alice Thompson.

The pledge to the American flag ends “with liberty and justice for ALL.”

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