August Roundtable Schedule

July 23, 2014

The Roundtable takes place at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces, 2000 S. Solano.  During the summer it takes place in the sanctuary at 9 AM.

Aug 3 — “Child Abuse and  Neglect in Dona Ana County and how our community can respond”    Kasandra Gandara is the Regional Manager of Child Protective Services.  She will talk about investigating child abuse and neglect cases in Dona Ana county and the services provided to clients.  Also discussed will be the foster and adoptive parent program.

Aug 10 — “Mesilla Valley Hospice Services”  What makes hospice different from hospital or home health care?  What does it cost?  Does it fit with UU values?  What are some end-of-life choices I should be considering now?  These and others questions will be answered by Lorraine Padilla, Director of Development & Outreach for the Mesilla Valley Hospice.

Aug 17 — “Telling Our Stories”  of hearing loss.  Shirley Davis, Nancy Anderson, Jerry Nachison, and Karen Hall will share their stories of hearing loss and how it has affected their lives.  They will help us understand the isolation, embarrassment, treatments, ways we can help, and adjustments useful to living with this difference.

Aug 24 — “Salt of the Earth”   This blacklisted film of the 1950′s which became one of the first films to be included in the Library of Congress’ 100 Films to be preserved for posterity will be discussed by Elisa Sanchez who is intimately familiar with the people in the film.  The film is known for depicting the historic struggle of Mexican American Laborers in Grant County, but that is only one element of the film.  We will explore and discuss the other elements; Mexican American civil rights and feminism, the McCarthy era as it affected the filmmakers and the making of the movie and lastly, the concept of equality.

Aug. 31 — “A Tour of Southeast Asia”  Susie Lindeman spent a few weeks last fall touring some of the small countries in Southeast Asia where she experienced several different cultures, mostly based on Buddhism.  She has many photos and stories to share about this fascinating trip.

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