May 2015 Roundtable Schedule

April 14, 2015

Education never ends–come join our discussions. Our goal is to learn more about all aspects of  issues, and more about each other.   The Roundtable Discussion Group meets on Sundays at 10:30 AM in the UUCLC  Library–located at 2000 S. Solano Dr.   Send suggestions, comments, & questions to

May 3: Rich and Rebecca Richins—“China Trip”
Rich and Rebecca Richins will talk about their trip to China last fall and some of their insights from their travels.

May 10: Jeff Anderson, Agronomy & Horticulture Ext. Agent, Dona Ana County—“Gardening in the Desert”
Ever wonder what you are doing gardening in the desert?  Jeff will offer advice on how to create a wonderful garden whether it be a vegetable garden or simply a floral treasure.  Trees also play a vital role in the desert providing shade and habitat for wildlife and people.  He will discuss issues ranging from soil and water concerns, to floral and tree selections to meet your needs.  Did you know that we have citrus varieties that will grow in our colder desert and trees that require less than 6” of water to live.  I encourage everyone to attend this lecture and bring questions you thought you’d never get an answer to.  With so much beauty available why not learn how to get a piece of this in your own front or back yard…or both.

May 17: Dr. Jose Garcia, Retired, NMSU Government Department–“Juarez 2015:  What Happened to the Most Violent City in the World, and Why Can’t You Visit There Again?”
This talk is divided into two parts.  In the first part Dr. Garcia will discuss how Juarez became the most violent city in the world.  In the second part he will discuss how the violence was reduced in the past five years.  Hint:  the political economy of drug trafficking laid the foundations for the rise and fall of violence.

May 24: Dr. Paul O’ Connell, Former World Bank Employee “The Origin of ISIS and how they should be dealt with”
The Islam religion was started by Muhammad in the 7th century and within 150 years had spread from Spain in the west to India in the East. While most of Europe was floundering in the dark ages—the Islam world was flourishing in sciences, mathematics and medicine. The focus of the talk will be on–what happen over the last several centuries to create a radical self proclaimed group like ISIS?

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