March 2017 Roundtable Discussion Group Schedule

February 21, 2017



The Roundtable Discussion Group meets from 10:30 to 11:30AM every Sunday in the Library of the Unitarian Church located at 2000 S. Solano, Las Cruces NM. Education never ends. Come join our discussions. Our goal is to learn more about all sides of issues and more about each other. If you have a comment or suggestion, email it to .


March 5: Jon Hunner Ph. D, History Professor at NMSU, “Driven by History: A Road Trip through our National Parks.Jon will talk about his recent 20,000 mile tour of our National Parks and how they highlight our history. Many lovely photos will be shown.


March 12: John Lazaruk Ph.D., Political Activist, “Political Power in the United States

This presentation will discuss the actual governing structure of the United States. We will examine the power of public and semi-public institutions, private corporations, and individual citizens. We will look at the functioning of the Congress, President, and Supreme Court. We will also see how semi-public and private institutions play a significant role in governing the United States. These include the Military Industrial Complex, our Financial and Banking Systems, Private Corporations, and assorted other Non-Profit Organizations. Finally, we will discuss what we can do as individuals to make our government more responsive to our needs.


March 19: David Irvin, NMSU librarian, “Sad! The real Meaning of Fake News.”  A former journalist, who covered companies large and small, politics and crime, David will discuss efforts in the NMSU library to help students dissect the mounds of misinformation they receive online daily. In taking questions, David may indulge in some speculation, but will steer clear of “alternative facts”. Join the discussion about your speech freedoms and provide your input.


March 26: Michael A. Morehead Ed.D:  Associate Dean, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine and Dean Emeritus New Mexico State University. “The New College of Osteopathic Medicine at NMSU”   The presentation will outline the history and development of the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine and how it was introduced to NMSU. This will include the beginning steps, development of the academic program, hiring of faculty, student selection and stories about the first year class. The presenter will also discuss the possible impact of the medical school on the community and region



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