Global Climate Convergence Taos, NM, Earth Day to May Day 2014 (April 22-May 1)

April 2, 2014


10 Days to Change Course ~ People, Planet, Peace Over Profit


The Global Climate Convergence is a nationwide initiative to bring the whole spectrum of movements for social, economic, and environmental justice together for 10 days of coordinated action and education from Earth Day to May Day 2014. Our shared message is “People, Planet and Peace Over Profit!”


Organized in over 20 major cities by a diverse national coalition of organizations and individuals, our local Taos convergence is organizing a series of public events, both educational and action-oriented, aimed at building a grassroots social movement to work towards the transformational change that our society needs.


Here are the major events being planned:


A growing list of event sponsors and organizational partners include the Taos Green Chamber of Commerce, Renewable Taos, Global Peace Walk, Campaign Nonviolence, Peaceful Skies Coalition, Code Pink Taos, New Mexico Community Rights Coalition, and the Taos Love-In-Action Network.


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