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Aug. 1, 2025—Senate Republicans have once again turned back an attempt by President Elizabeth Warren to name a justice to the Supreme Court, declining to start confirmation hearings on veteran nominee Merrick Garland before senators left town for their annual summer recess.


Senate Majority Leader John McCain, R-Arizona, 89, said there is no rush to fill any of the five vacancies that have left the court with only four justices. He said he is fine with the current makeup of the court that usually results in a 2-2 voting deadlock, and he has no concerns about important cases piling up.


“The next election is only three years away,” McCain said. “What’s the rush? We should let the people decide.”


Minority Leader Chuck Schumer call the move obstructionist and vowed to lobby every Republican senator during the month-long August recess. But Schumer stopped short of saying Democrats would change Senate rules if they should win a majority in the 2026 congressional elections. “We have to be very careful not to act rashly in a way that could come back to haunt us in the future,” Schumer warned.


Rumors that the senior member of the Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 92, might retire before the end of the year unnerved Beltway Democrats last week because it would give conservatives on the Court a 2-1 majority (Chief Justice Roberts and Clarence Thomas vs. Sonia Sotomayor). But Ginsburg told reporters in Santa Fe, N.M., where was vacationing, that she has no intention of stepping down. “If I’m breathing, I’m serving,” she insisted.


War or Peace?

By Dennis Kucinich

The most consequential statement by Secretary Clinton in last night’s debate was her pronouncement that a no-fly zone over Syria could “save lives and hasten the end of the conflict,” that a no-fly zone would provide “safe zones on the ground” was in “the best interests of the people on the ground in Syria” and would “help us with our fight against ISIS.”

It would do none of the above. A US attempt to impose a no-fly zone in Syria would, as Secretary Clinton once cautioned a Goldman Sachs audience, “kill a lot of Syrians,” and, according to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Dunford, lead to a war with Russia. If the US has not been invited into a country to establish a “no-fly zone” such an action is, in fact, an invasion, an act of war.

It is abundantly clear from our dark alliance with Saudi Arabia and our conduct in support of jihadists in Syria that our current leaders have learned nothing from Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya as we prepare to plunge head-long into the abyss of a world war.

Our international relations are built upon lies to promote regime changes, the fantasy of a unipolar world ruled by America, and a blank check for the national security state.

As others prepare for war, we must prepare for peace. We must answer the mindless call to arms with a thoughtful, soulful call to resist the coming build up for war. A new, resolute peace movement must arise, become visible and challenge those who would make war inevitable.

We must not wait until the Inauguration to begin to build a new peace movement in America.


Dennis Kucinich’s distinguished career in public service dates back to 1969 and spans councilman, clerk of courts, mayor of Cleveland, Ohio state senator, 8-term member of U.S. Congress and 2-time Democratic candidate for President of the United States.


NMSU students to diagnose plant disorders at outreach event Oct. 24

If you are having trouble with your yard, garden or houseplants, a group of New Mexico State University students may have the answers you need to help solve your plant problems.

Students in the 2016 Diagnosing Plant Disorders class will share their expertise on plants with the public at an upcoming community outreach event Monday, Oct. 24.

The event will be at NMSU’s Fabian Garcia Science Center in Las Cruces from 1:30 to 5:20 p.m.

““The event is about challenging students and giving them the opportunity to serve the community using the skills they have acquired in the classroom,”” said course instructor Soum Sanogo, professor of fungal plant pathology in NMSU’s College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.

Participants are encouraged to bring specimens of any legal plants, and questions regarding plant health, growing plants and maintaining plants to the event.

The students will be assisted by Sanogo; Carol Sutherland, NMSU Extension entomologist and state entomologist; Jason French, plant diagnostic clinician at NMSU’s Plant Diagnostic Clinic; Geno Picchioni, professor of horticulture and plant mineral nutrition; and Leslie Beck, Extension weed specialist.

The event is free to the public.



Full moon, beautiful weather in store for SWEC gala


It’s going to be a beautiful October evening tomorrow night with a full moon, perfect for the Southwest Environmental Center’s annual A Wild Night for Wildlife gala fundraiser, starting at 6 pm in downtown Las Cruces.

This is your last chance to buy a ticket at the early bird price of $50. Click here to buy your ticket now.

Besides being a really fun event, with great food, live music, dancing on Main Street, silent auction with over $14,000 worth of items, here are some other reasons you might want to attend. By buying a ticket for this one evening of fun, you will help support our efforts year-round to:

  • Build broad support for Mexican wolf conservation in the Southwest (did you hear about our recent Blessing of the Wolves event?)
  • End wildlife killing contests in New Mexico and reform state wildlife management to be more democratic and accountable
  • Restore critically important wildlife habitats along the Rio Grande, like our La Mancha Wetland project
  • Protect the vast grasslands of Otero Mesa from destruction by oil and gas development
  • Raise awareness and appreciation for the Southwest natural heritage through our educational programs, such as Back by Noon outings

This is one of our most important fundraisers of the year, providing essential funding for our work to protect wildlife and their habitats all year round. We hope to see you there!

Click here to buy your ticket now



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