Occupy Santa Fe 2012

December 31, 2011

Open letter:

Happy New Year!

It seems like the perfect time for an update on the state of the Occupy Santa Fe Movement.The state of the organization is GREAT, STRONG and continually evolving and maturing.

The most important news is that, in 2012,  we will be taking an active role in the legislative process.  On January 17th at 11AM, we will be joined by Occupy Groups from throughout the state of New Mexico, as well as other supporters at the Roundhouse as legislators arrive for the first day of their 30 day session. WE want the legislators and Governor to know we are here, we are not going away and we will be watching them on behalf of the 99%.

Occupy Santa Fe has joined with many groups in New Mexico: all the Occupies (Farmington, ABQ. Espanola, Los Lunas, Taos, Roswell, Los Alamos, Rio Rancho) unions, Move-on.org <http://Move-on.org> ,  Veterans for Peace, seniors, We Are People Here, and many more.  Our intention is to work with legislators and regularly attend committee meetings and sub-committee meetings which deal with issues important to the people of New Mexico. The 99%.

Let me cite an example of legislation we feel plan to support:

Senate Bill 9 which supports local businesses and the people of New Mexico by eliminating  the state tax loophole which allows corporations like Walmart to avoid paying any corporate tax in New Mexico. This tax break creates losses of tens of millions of dollars in NM. Money which could be used for education and jobs and transportation. We believe if a corporation makes money in our state, it should pay it’s fair share of taxes (like local business)

In 2012 we will also be active in encouraging others to join and work with us to take our government back.  Occupy Santa Fe is not affiliated with any political party and we welcome all people.

I am not an official spokesperson for Occupy Santa Fe (as we have no official spokespeople) however you may contact me and I will make certain you are connected with the individuals who can best answer your specific questions.

Charlotte Scot
Occupy the Roundhouse Jan 17th


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