Protesters clash with pastor over abortion billboards

October 31, 2012

Espanola– During the first day of organized protests against Rock Christian Fellowship, Pastor Michael Naranjo yelled at protesters and condemned them to hell, according to the group organizing the protests, Women’s Rights vs. the Fanatical Right.  The protesters were carrying signs in opposition to the church displaying images of a decapitated fetus with an ‘Obama Healthcare’ logo above them.  One of the protesters, carrying her baby daughter, got into a heated argument with Naranjo over the billboards and their timing.  On her facebook page, the woman described the scene:

I spoke loud and clear ” I am protesting against exploitation of [the] Image for political gain!” Pastor Naranjo, denies any campaigning gain for political party. I then asked, if you are anti-abortions then why aren’t [these] signs up year round? Pastor Naranjo: “Its election time!” Does this mean you are lobbying for political party? I am sure this violates your 501(c)(3)? He then walks away and begins to question another protester…

Pastor Naranjo was not the only person opposing the protests. After aggressively yelling at the protesters, several members of the Rock Christian Fellowship congregation reportedly got into a vehicle and drove by the protesters to throw pork rinds at them.  There were also more peaceful reactions from the congregation, a handful of children and teenagers responded to the protests with their own signs, stating “My mom chose life.”

This is not the first time Rock Christian Fellowship and Pastor Naranjo have come under fire for using images of the deceased fetus for political campaigning. Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed a complaint against RCF in 2008 for their use of similar photos during the elections that year.  In response to that complaint, Naranjo is quoted as saying “I’d rather lose my 501(c)(3) (status) than lose my soul.”

According to organizers of the protest, there are three more scheduled protests against the RCF’s use of the morbid imagery.  They are planned to take place on Saturday (Nov. 3rd), Sunday (Nov. 4th), and Tuesday (Nov. 6th). For more information,  contact the organizers through their Facebook page:

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