Vietnam vet on Shinseki resignation: a sad day

May 30, 2014

This is a very sad day.

Maybe Shinseki was covering it up, see not sure.  He was probably trying to squeeze blood out of a stone and now for not standing up to the Congressional budget cuts to the increasing demand for services from the VA for veterans he is being made the fall guy.

President Obama along with Sen. Heinrich and Udall disgustingly joined with the Republican mob to scapegoat the VA chief rather than address the lack of funding for the VA (due to more being spent on wars and weapons).  Every day we see these three political characters announcing plans for more nuclear weapons and high tech killing machines which are costing us untold billions.  What they are doing is cutting health care to present veterans as they plan to make more.

This is a stupid, thumb idiotic direction they are taking us.

The worst part is that the VA is now on the fast track  to privatization like was done to our national educational system.  The VA medical services is one of the few socialist medical services remaining in the country that actually worked, online for awhile.  This disaster represents a major victory for the neo-liberal market ideology taking over and reversing all the gains our previous generations made for us.  Corporate fascism is firmly in charge of our country now from the Supreme Court, Congress, the presidency and now the VA.

Very bad news, thanks to Pres. Obama’s lack of leadership again.

Robert Anderson

Albuquerque, NM

Vietnam combat veteran

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