October Roundtable Schedule

September 27, 2017



Education never ends.  Come learn with us at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 2000 S. Solano.  We have discussions, not arguments and meet from 10:30 to 11:30am in the Library.  Our goal is to learn more about all sides of issues and to learn more about one another.  If you have a topic you would like discussed, contact Jim Basler, roundtable@uuchurchlc.org.



October 1“Valor in War and Equality at Home” At the heart of the Modern Latino experience has been the quest for first-class citizenship.  We will examine how Latino/as have proven their valor in war and found inequality at home.  Elisa Sanchez will expand on her remarks from the Sept. 17 service.


October 8“Transgender 101”  Vib Gonzalez and JT Perez are facilitators for one of the local Transgender support groups in town. They will be creating the space to hold a Transgender 101 that will cover basic terms, definitions and concepts. It will also cover how to begin to be a good ally to transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender non-binary people.


October 15 – “Time, Talent and Treasure”  UUCLC Boar member, Charlie Scholz, gives us his thoughts on the importance of the 3 T’s for the future of our congregation.


October 22“Atheists for Jesus: do you hear what I hear?”  An aside for Peter Ladefoged’s paper “What Are Linguistic Sounds Made Of?”  Fred Miller, local activist and linguist, promises to keep his remarks short enough to allow for lots of questions and comments about a subject he loves and can talk about endlessly.


October 29 – “Climate Reality:  Why the Consequences of Changes are Issues of Social Justice”  Professor Patricia Hoffman says, “The question I am asked most often is:  ‘Since you have been working on environmental issues since 1973 and the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act, how is it you are still fighting for the environment?’  My answer is this:  ‘How can I not?’  I hope to show you so you also say, ‘How can I not?’”



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