Forum – Hobby Lobby and the struggle for reproductive rights

July 16, 2014

Public Forum – Friday, July 18 @ 7PM
305 Washington Street SE, ABQ (b/w Central & Zuni)

Hobby Lobby and the Struggle for
Women’s Reproductive Rights

Guest Speaker: Pamelya Herndon
Executive Director Southwestern Women’s Law Center

The recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision raising the rights of corporations above womens’ is part of a rising tide of attacks on reproductive rights. A right-wing, bigoted campaign seeks to undo all the gains made by the women’s movement-most centrally the right to abortion won in the 1973 Roe v Wade decision.

The effects are clearly being seen from the rise in DIY abortions recently reported in Mississippi to the closing of the last abortion providers in North Carolina and elsewhere.

WORD invites you to join us for a discussion of the current state of reproductive rights in the United States and what we can do to build a movement to stop the attacks and win full reproductive rights.

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