JourneySantaFe: Ray McGovern—Former CIA Analyst and Presidential Briefer

August 29, 2015

JourneySantaFe sponsors Sunday morning gathering of progressive thinkers who explore, through presentations, issues that influence our daily lives and the lives of future generations. All conversations are FREE and OPEN to the public and take place at Collected Works Bookstore (202 Galisteo St. in Santa Fe, NM)     August 30, Sunday, 11 am 


Ray McGovern—Former CIA Analyst and Presidential Briefer—On Renewing the Nation’s Commitment to Diplomacy and Non-Aggression as the Primary Means for Resolving International Disputes

Introduction by  Ken Meyers, co-founder  of Santa Fe Chapter of Veterans  for Peace;

Moderator:  Bill DuPuy, Former  KSFR News Director


Ray McGovern was a speaker fpr Veterans for Peace in Albuquerque on August 27, 2015 on the occasion of the 87th anniversary of the signing of the Kellogg-Briand Treaty. The Kellogg-Briand Treaty outlawed wars of aggression for the many nations, including the United States, ratified by Congress and signed by the president. Veterans for Peace held a major press conference followed by a reception, featuring Mr. McGovern, in an effort to educate the public about the K-B Treaty, the many times it has been violated, and to renew a dedication to non-violence as a means of solving international differences.


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