Journey Santa Fe: A Look At The New Mexico Coalition for Literacy

June 27, 2015

June 28, Sunday, 11 am
@Collected Works Bookstore

A Look At The New Mexico Coalition for Literacy, a state-wide coalition of community-based adult literacy programs with Executive Director Heather Heunermund

Moderator: Bill Dupuy, former News Director for KSFR Radio Station

Have you ever wondered what the state of adult literacy is in New Mexico and the nation? Did you know that there are adult literacy programs statewide who serve a fraction of the almost 700,000 adults in need of literacy services?

Join Heather Heunermund, executive director, and Braden Anderson, treasurer, of the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy as they discuss the status of adult literacy and why it matters to you. The adverse impact of illiteracy to New Mexico’s economy is staggering. Learn how you can help and what the NMCL is doing to support the literacy initiative in New Mexico.

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